Metoda Surveys  Dr. Galit Sinai Karmona

Methodological Advisory Employee & Customer Surveys

Metoda is a boutique survey company specializing in organizational surveys - employee surveys and customer surveys. Metoda's surveys allow organizations to assess attitudes and behavior patterns within and outside the organization, and understand the social dynamics in which it operates.

Metoda’s surveys help organizations identify the strengths and weaknesses of the relationships between the organization and its employees and customers; between the employees and managers; and among the employees themselves. Metoda's surveys reveal the overall mood within the organization; indicate the level of engagement in the organization among employees and customers; and serve as an empirical basis for the implementation of processes, work plans and organizational culture.


Metoda’s work method balances between organizational needs and methodology, with a deep understanding of the methodological challenges and effective action to avoid potential survey errors. Each organization is given a customized methodological solution, based on the organization's specific needs and characteristics.


Metoda’s methodological services include: phrasing customized questionnaires, designing online (web-based) questionnaires, statistical analysis, setting organizational indicators, creating executive summary presentations, providing methodological consulting and guidance.

Metoda is managed by Dr. Galit Sinai Karmona (Ph.D) Survey Methodologist and Sociologist, with a PhD from Tel Aviv University. Specializing in planning and conducting surveys, employee and customer surveys, phrasing questionnaires, designing online surveys, conducting comparative research and designing survey platforms in organizations.

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