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Metoda Surveys  Dr. Galit Sinai Karmona

Methodological Advisory Employee & Customer Surveys

Employee Engagement

The term ‘employee engagement’ refers to the employee’s commitment to and involvement in the organization and their degree of identification with the organization's goals and values. This is a theoretical concept which, when broadly defined, describes the emotional connection between the worker and the workplace.


Employee engagement reflects the degree of identification with the company's goals, values, and products, and the employee’s motivation to do the job the best they can, in order to pursue company goals. A high level of employee engagement expresses enthusiasm, commitment and motivation to meet the goals in order to help the company succeed.


Employees who are engaged in the organization are more productive; they create a positive impact on customer satisfaction and company profitability; are more enthusiastic about their work and less likely to quit their job.


Metoda’s Employee Engagement Surveys

Metoda's employee engagement surveys evaluate the overall employee experience at the workplace, in the aspects theoretically related to the sense of engagement. The survey helps the organization identify the strengths and weaknesses of the relationship between the company and the employees, and figure out how it should re-examine this relationship. The employee engagement survey is conducted once a year and is suitable for companies with a minimum of 30 employees.


Survey Process in Metoda’s Employee Engagement Surveys

Survey Plan - Profiling the organization's needs and planning a customized research program, defining the research variables and adjusting the questionnaires for the specific organization. The survey process begins with an evaluation of the needs, after which the research variables are set and a customized research program is devised. The questionnaire in the survey is based on Metoda’s questionnaires, with adjustments made to the content, wording and structure. The organization’s project managers take part in writing the questionnaire, in order to achieve the optimal research tools.


Survey Implementation - Planning user-friendly online questionnaires for respondents; translating the questionnaire into various languages ​​for global research programs; completing the data collection for research purposes using multiple methods in organizations that require it (Pencil and Paper questionnaires, kiosks).


Survey Summery - Conducting statistical analysis of the survey data at reference levels matching the organization; presenting the data, drawing conclusions from the research and creating a reader-friendly executive summary presentation; planning future studies for examining trends in parameters that are observed over time.


Metoda’s Employee Engagement Survey Questionnaire

The questionnaire in Metoda's employee engagement survey covers professional, social and organizational aspects of the work environment. It examines the level of employee engagement in the organization and the associated aspects of the workplace: position, direct manager, employee development, team, interfaces, intra-organizational communication, life-work balance, evaluation and feedback, company, executive management, etc.)


The questionnaire also includes open-ended questions that allow employees to articulate, in their own words, their perceptions, attitudes, problems and advantages. These questions can only appear in the end (final questions) or following each topic in the questionnaire (position, direct manager, employee development and promotion, etc.). In their answers to the open-ended questions, employees can describe their experience, feelings and thoughts, thereby providing the organization with insights that support the statistical findings and potential courses of action.


Data Analysis in Metoda’s Employee Engagement Survey

The data analysis in the survey is carried out at several reference levels: all employees in the organization, groups of employees based on organizational units (divisions, departments, groups, teams, branches, global sites) and employee profile (seniority, management level).


Survey Summery and Insights in Metoda’s Employee Engagement Survey

The summarizing presentation in Metoda’s employee engagement survey is composed of a number of chapters, which lead the reader from the research description stage to the breakdown of the results obtained regarding the questions in the questionnaire, the research variables and the organizational metrics: Methodological Summary - description of the purpose of the survey, research variables, profile of the employees participating in the survey, and response rate; Executive summary - presents the main findings of the research and the main insights that emerge from it. The executive summary recaps the survey and presents the "bottom line" to the executives; Main Findings - this chapter of the presentation features the values ​​obtained in the statistical tests. The data analysis is performed at the level of all employees and the various levels of analysis defined during the planning phase of the research program. The survey findings are presented in a clear and user-friendly visual form, which presents the results obtained for each question, variable and metric, as well as their significance to the research.

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